Jungle Rumble
High Intensity Paintball
Full auto and ramping is allowed!
Big scenario paintball game every month!


2012 May Jungle Rumble Paintball Sceanrio Game | 2012

2010 IRONMAN Jungle Rumble Scenario Paintball game May 30 | 2010

Halloween Jungle Rumble Splat Tag Paintball

July 28th '13 Splat Tag Jungle Rumble | 2013

June '13 Splat tag Jungle rumble | 2013

Jungle Rumble 28 Days Later Scenario Paintball Game

2009 Jungle Rumble Paintball Scenario Games | 2009

Splat Tag Paintball Jungle Rumble April | 2012

2010 "IRONMAN" Jungle Rumble Scenario Paintball Game | 2010

"Tour of Duty" Scenario Paintball Game at Splat Tag - Minnesota / Wisconsin



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Splat Tag Events

On Sept. 26th, 2021 Splat Tag will combine all of its fields into one giant playing field for its semi-annual Giant Big Game event. Two Giant teams battling it out in two teams, the Giant Big Game is one of the largest, most exciting paintball games in the upper Midwest!

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