The Jungle Rumble is Field Paint Only (FPO).

Players are responsible for understanding and abiding by these rules.

Paintball is an honor sport. Remember this critical fact and play within the spirit and the letter of these rules.

Splat Tag, Inc. the producer of “Jungle Rumble™” events reserves the right to refuse admission to or expel anyone from the property and game for any reason without a refund at anytime.

  1. General Safety
  2. Goggle Safety
  3. Paintball Gun Safety
  4. Misc Basic Rules
  5. Staging Areas
  6. Play Area
  7. Entry Points
  8. Dead Zones
  9. Scenario Player Information
  10. Hits
  11. Neutral
  12. Freeze
  13. Surrender
  14. Elimination
  15. Insertion Areas
  16. Radio Communication
  17. Paintballs
  18. Paint Grenades
  19. Portable Rocket Launchers (LAWS)



    General Safety

    1. Players must observe common-sense safety in regards to their surroundings. This includes the natural and man-made terrain of the paintball field, and your general conduct at the facility.
    2. Safety and sportsmanship are enforced through a “3-strike” system. Each violation of the rules below results in one strike against the player. Three (3) strikes, and you will be asked to leave the game. No refund.
    3. Games ID cards will be marked or punched for each violation.

    Goggle Safety

    1. Paintball safety approved goggles will be worn at all times while in the Play Area and in Chrono area.
    2. Goggles must be worn going to or leaving the Playing Area.
    3. Goggles will be worn at any time when a barrel blocking device is not present on an assembled paintball gun.
    4. Goggles must be in contact with the face and properly secured to be considered “worn.”
    5. Goggles must meet all appropriate field insurance and safety rules.
    6. Players violating goggle safety rules will result in expulsion from the game and possibly the facility.
    7. Goggle on Zones are the Playing Area and any area between the Playing Area and the Staging area.
    8. Watch for “MASK ON” signs.

    Paintball Gun Safety

    1. All Marking devices must be manufactured for the game of paintball and only shoot .68cal paintballs.
    2. Paintball guns will have a barrel blocking device in use at all times while assembled and not actively engaged in the Play Area or Chronographing/Testing Tent.
    3. A paintball gun is considered “assembled” when it is connected to a compressed gas source, OR has a loader attached.
    4. Barrel blocking devices must be a bright color. No black, camouflage or other hard-to-see colors are permitted.
    5. Semi and Full Auto guns will be chronographed at 280 feet per second max. Pump action guns will be chronographed at 300 feet per second max. Any gun using First Strike Rounds must chrono with a 270fps max.
    6. Guns must be re-chronographed periodically during the day and after all bottle changes or maintenance that may affect speed.
    7. Guns can be full-auto, semi or pump action and have a maximum rate of fire of 12 balls per sec. One ball per trigger pull.
    8. No tools that might adjust velocity are allowed in the Playing Area. This includes, but is not limited to: Allen wrenches, pliers, open-ended wrenches and screw drivers.
    9. Gun maintenance and testing that requires the gun to be charged with gas will only be performed with goggles on, and in an approved firing area. (The chronograph/target range.)
    10. Players are responsible for the safe operation of their paintball gun.
    11. Players may not “blind fire” i.e. shoot their gun without being able to see the impact of their fire.
    12. Players must control their own rate of fire. “Overshooting” is considered more than 5 hits from a single gun on a player.
    13. Compressed gasses (HPA and CO2) should be treated with the upmost respect. These are dangerous sources of stored energy and they must be handled with care.
    14. Compressed gas Cylinders must have a correct valid hydro date.
  4. Misc Basic Rules

    1. A waiver MUST be read and correctly filled out by everyone on the property.
    2. No climbing trees, moving bunkers, sandbags, or other structures.
    3. Players clothing/Equipment may be any pattern or solid color as long as those colors are not the same as the other teams color or Referees colors (Red, Blue and White & Black striped). Red team players shell Not wear Blue and Vice versa.
    4. Unsportsmanlike like conduct, cheating, physical contact or other violations of the rules will not be tolerated.
    5. All Referees direction will be followed. Players are here to play; refs are here to ref. The rules are for the safety of everyone. Do not argue with the Referees. All referees will be wearing numbered shirts If you have a problem with one, get the number and talk to the Game master.
    6. No shooting referees.
    7. No alcohol before or during play.
    8. No drug or medication which alters perception or mobility.
    9. No abusive or foul language.
    10. No metal cleats.

  5. Staging Areas

    1. Parking area is the Staging Area.
    2. Staging Area is out of play.
    3. Barrel blocking device in place in this Area.
    4. No shooting or dry firing allowed.
    5. There is a Chrono Tents by check-in. Goggles must be worn inside. These are for players to clean and adjust for safe fire speeds.

    Play Area

    1. The play area boundary will be clearly identifiable.
    2. Boundaries will be marked by 4″ Yellow Caution Tape.
    3. Boundaries should be as straight as possible, or follow the natural flow of the land.
    4. Any player breaking the plane of a field boundary is eliminated.
    5. Players may only shoot across a boundary if the paintball is landing back in bounds.
    6. Only participating players, staff, and staff-approved personnel may be present in the Play Area.
    7. Personnel may not communicate across the Play Area boundary. i.e. Unless you are in active play, you may not communicate with another active player.

    Entry Points

    1. Entry Points will be clearly marked. Players may only enter the play area at these locations.

    Dead Zones

    1. Dead Zones will be clearly marked and should be located outside the play area or on a boundary edge.
    2. Players may not fire within 25 feet of a Dead Zone.
    3. Players entering a dead zone must have a barrel blocking device on their paintball gun.

    Scenario Player Information

    1. The player ID band is the player’s proof of payment for the event. Players must have their ID band at all times.
    2. One armband of a designated color will identify team affiliation. Armbands are to be worn on the left arm, between the elbow and shoulder. Armbands may not be obstructed by clothing.
    3. Players may not wear an opposing team’s armband.


    1. A player is hit when he receives a mark from direct contact with a paintball that cannot be covered by the diameter of a paintball.
    2. Hit count on guns, goggles and anything else a players is carrying.
    3. In the case of “Friendly Fire” the shooter is automatically eliminated. The player shot can then clean off hit and continue playing.
    4. A player is hit when he receives a mark from a paintball grenade or other booby trap device larger than 1/8 of an inch.


    1. Players are neutral in the following cases:
      1. When the player is eliminated.
      2. While under a referee’s paint check.
    2. Neutral players should raise their hands or gun above their shoulders for the duration of their neutrality.
    3. Neutral players may not be fired on.
    4. Neutral players may not communicate with another player in any other way, including speech, radio use, hand signals, etc. A neutral player may communicate with a referee at any time.
    5. Other players may not use a neutral player for cover or disruption of the game.


    1. A freeze is an emergency situation. It is used in the event of a player injury, loss of goggles due to play or any situation where a player’s health may be in danger.
    2. If a player yells “Freeze! Freeze! Freeze!” all players should immediately repeat the call, cease fire, and stay in their positions.
    3. Only a referee can release a freeze.
    4. The referee will asses the situation and releases the freeze once the danger has passed. (The player is assisted off the field, goggles restored, etc.)
    5. The referee will give a 3-second count down and announce “Play on!” once the freeze is lifted.


    1. A player who has approached within 20 feet of another and who has an unobstructed, “no-miss” shot should offer a surrender. The opposing player cannot be actively engaging the player offering the surrender for this condition to exist.
    2. The player offering surrender should loudly announce the surrender so the opposing player can hear the call.
    3. If the opposing player does not respond in 3 seconds, the offering player may shoot the opposing player.
    4. If, at any time, the opposing player moves without first announcing “Hit!” the player offering surrender may shoot the opposing player.
    5. The opposing player does not have to honor the surrender call. He may attempt to turn and shoot at the offering player. (He will most likely be eliminated.)
    6. Play smart. Use common sense in surrenders. They are for your safety and are a sign of a respectful, honorable player. If you get outmaneuvered, accept the offered surrender, or expect to take the close-range shot!
    7. There are no barrel tags. Players MAY NOT physically contact another player to eliminate them.


    1. A player who is eliminated raises his hands above his head and yells “Hit!” or “Out!” in a loud, clear voice.
    2. A player yelling “hit” or “out” is eliminated and becomes a neutral player.
    3. A player may not retract a “hit” call. Once “hit” is said, the player is eliminated.
    4. Eliminated players must use their barrel blocking device and raise their gun above their shoulders. Players not carrying a gun will raise their hands above their shoulders.
    5. Eliminated players should exit the field by the nearest boundary.
    6. Eliminated players may only repeat the word “hit” (or variations thereof) or call for a referee’s assistance.
    7. Eliminated players may not communicate with another player in any other way, including speech, radio use, hand signals, etc. An eliminated player may communicate with a referee at any time.
    8. Eliminated players who do not have a barrel blocking device on their gun or do not have their gun or hands above their shoulders are valid targets. KEEP YOUR GUN UP UNTIL YOU LEAVE THE FIELD.
    9. Any player breaking the plane of a field boundary is eliminated.
    10. There are no barrel tags. Players MAY NOT physically contact another player to eliminate them.

    Insertion Areas

    1. One for each team.
    2. When a player is tagged out, they can go to one of their teams Insertion Areas.
    3. Players are responsible for thoroughly cleaning previous hits. Players will be called out for old hits.
    4. Players are released from the Dead Zone every 15 minutes, beginning at 1/4 hour.
    5. The re-entry window lasts 5 minutes. All insertion will be controlled by a Ref.
    6. No sitting right outside of an insertion area to ambush players as they reinsert is not allowed.

    Radio Communication

    1. Radios may be used by players to communicate while in the Play Area.
    2. Players will abide by all local and federal laws in regards to radio operation.
    3. Neutral or eliminated players, or players and personnel outside the Play Area may not communicate with those inside the Play Area.
    4. Players may use an alternate “dead channel” frequency while outside the Play Area.
    5. Security of radio transmissions is the responsibility of the players using the radios.
    6. It is a violation of FCC law to jam or otherwise interfere with a radio transmission.
    7. Certain game channels may be designated for staff and may be off-limits for player monitoring or transmission.


    1. The Jungle Rumble is Field Paint Only game (FPO).
    2. Two Custom colors just for the Jungle Rumble will be used. Discount level color & Tournament level color.
    3. Only .68 cal. paintballs sold by Splat Tag at the event are allowed. No other cal. allowed.
    4. Splat Tag will be selling paint at the Check-in area.

    Paint Grenades

    1. The jungle Rumble is Field Paint Only game (FPO).
    2. One custom color Grenade for the Jungle Rumble will be used.
    3. Only Grenades sold by Splat Tag at the event are allowed.
    4. Splat Tag will be selling paint Grenades at the Check-in area.

    Portable Rocket Launchers (LAWS)

    1. All LAWS devices must be manufactured by a company licensed to make them. No homemade LAWS.
    2. LAWS fire Nerf style Rockets only. They can Not shoot paintballs or anything else.
    3. LAWS will be choreographed at 225 feet per second or lower.
    4. May not be used on foot units.
    5. Rockets have no area of effect. No blast radius.

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